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  • You should be a member of Prairie Randonneurs Inc. You must be a member of at least one of the clubs affiliated with the Saskatchewan Cycling Association or a member club of Les Randonneurs Mondiaux. A per ride fee may apply.


  • No sag wagons are allowed en route. You may have someone meet you at the designated controls to give you supplies. Group riding is permitted and drafting is allowed.


  • You must wear a protective bicycling helmet (ANSI, Snell or CSA approved)
  • You must have a reflective vest or sash and wear it for night riding.
  • You must have a strong functional lighting system for rides of 300 kilometres or greater. It must be white in front and red in rear. A red strobe is not acceptable as the primary source. A secondary system is also recommended.
  • Fenders are recommended. If you use them, they must be attached, not clip on and must be full size.
  • The machine must be muscle powered. Possibilities include: bicycle, tricycle, tandem, triplet, recumbent of various design, etc. It is your responsibility to ensure that it is in good condition for the event.
  • Triathlon bars should not be used if you plan to ride in a group.

Brevet Cards

  • Each rider must carry their own card during the ride.
  • You must: arrive at designated controls between the open and close time, have the time and name of the control recorded and, have the card initialed.
  • On some rides there may be secret or unannounced controls.

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