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The Prairie Randonneurs Inc. is a not for profit cycling club operating in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. We are affiliated with the Saskatchewan Cycling Association, the Audax Club Parisien and Les Randonneurs Mondiaux.

What is Randonneuring?

It is not racing, but it is more challenging than touring.  It is randonnée cycling.

Randonneurs (from the French word randonnée meaning "a walk (ride) along marked trail (route)") have a time period within which to reach controls based on a minimum pace of 15 and a maximum of 34 kilometers per hour.

A progressive series of randonnées of 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1000 kilometres is offered in various centres in Saskatchewan by Prairie Randonneurs.

Each ride prepares the rider for the next longer distance.

During randonnées, riders carry a route card, which must be validated at predetermined locations along the route, usually at restaurants or convenience stores where they can also restore their water and nutrient supplies.

Our affiliation with Les Randonneurs Mondiaux allows for participation in Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux (randonnées) organized in about twenty countries.


Prairie Randonneurs Inc   
Affiliated with:            
Audax Club Parisien          
Les Randonneurs Mondiaux    
Saskatchewan Cycling Association

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